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They call me Stranger...

...I just don't know why. I've lived here for years. Freaks.

Mr. Thursday
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What's the deal with Guite, you ask? Feel free to call him Guite, Guity, Matt, Matthew, Matty, Matto, Matt-Rat, Mushy Matt, that creepy guy that watches you from across the street every second thursday, and anything else you want. He's cool with it.

There's not much to say about him. Nineteen, going to College, living with his parents. He's got a brother, a step-dad, and step-siblings. He reads, he wishes he could get himself to write, and he's always been something of a gamer. No tabletop and only recently has he taken to RPing, but video games have been home to him since he was a toddler. Oh, and he's very very much in love with wonderwhatif. What else do you need to know?

Well, if there is something feel free to ask him.


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